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LiveBandWidth is a unique application which has been designed as an immediate solution for Web Hosting Companies, ISP's and for the owners of web servers who are faced with uncertainty in respect to traffic through their servers.
Software Featurs:
Viewing data table of web sites details regarding Log files on the server.
Viewing of clear graphical chart of the bandwidth utilized by the server/domain, to daily/ monthly/annual levels.
Getting e-mail notifications when a domain(s) exceeded its limits.
Auto suspend a web site when exceeded its limits.



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LiveBandwidth v3.0 is now available

Given the existing situation, some 90% of the internet-server owners (Window-based), are unaware of the bandwidth which is utilized by web sites hosted on their servers.
The LiveBandWidth system enables a system administrators to easily identify sites which utilize the bandwidth of the server for their individual use in a monopolizing manner, for which added payment could be applied in view of excessive use. The system will thus enable hosting companies to identify web sites as consumers of substantial system resources. It could well be found, as a result, that your server is hosting users allowing the downloading of pornographic material, illegal software, or large-volume audio and video files. LiveBandWidth will help to keep your system clean of such illegal material.

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